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2019 20th Chengdu International Furniture Industry Exhibition ----- Furniture Production Equipment, Custom Hardware, Raw and Auxiliary Materials Museum

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Venue: Western China International Expo City (200,000 m2) Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center (100,000 m2)

Invitation card

Organizer: Chengdu Municipal People's Government

Supported by: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Chengdu Branch Chengdu Expo Bureau Chengdu Media Group

Organizer: Sichuan Furniture Import and Export Chamber of Commerce Chengdu New Oriental Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Co-organizer: Chengdu Guoteng Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. Sichuan Household Products Chamber of Commerce

Chengdu Jiuzheng Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. Western International Furniture Materials Purchasing Center

>>>>Global Exhibition Industry Association (UFI) Certification Exhibition, China's third largest furniture exhibition, China's Midwest First Exhibition <<<<

     As one of the key local exhibitions vigorously cultivated by the Chengdu government, Chengdu International Furniture Industry Exhibition has developed from the first small regional exhibition with less than 500 booths to the largest and highest specification in the Midwest of China after 19 years of development. Professional exhibition, the most authoritative trading platform in the home and western furniture industry, one of the three major professional exhibitions in China's furniture industry. The trade spreads to the southwest, northwest, north China, northeast and other places, and touches the terminal to penetrate the domestic 234 market, which is the domestic market information of furniture. Exchange, product display, negotiate the preferred platform for ordering. In April 2017, Chengdu International Furniture Industry Exhibition and Equipment Materials Exhibition was officially recognized by the Global Exhibition Industry Association (UFI).

>>>>The last exhibition----Continue "one exhibition double hall" · 300,000 square meters, 298,000 viewers <<<<

 The 19th 19th Chengdu Furniture Fair continued the “One Exhibition and Double Pavilion” mode, with more than 3,000 exhibitors, with a total exhibition area of over 300,000 square meters and a booth of 13,000. It received a total of 298,000 professional visitors and mass consumers. The number of visitors has reached a record high. On-site turnover of 19.2 billion yuan during the exhibition...

>>>>This exhibition----Continue "One Exhibition Double Pavilion"·Seven major sections to comprehensively upgrade and upgrade <<<<

After the 19th Chengdu Furniture Fair exhibited an area of 300,000 square meters, the 20th Chengdu Furniture Fair will be transformed from quantitative to qualitative transformation, and the seven major sectors will be fully upgraded. The two main venues of Century City and Xibo City will be welcoming guests. The total exhibition area will exceed 300,000 square meters. The scale of exhibition and the number of exhibitors will once again create a new record!

>>>Join with IF Design Award·2019 Chengdu International Furniture Design Award<<<<

     Chengdu Furniture Fair will hold the “2019 Chengdu International Furniture Design Award” jointly with the IF Design Award on the occasion of the 20th anniversary celebration. Inviting well-known designers at home and abroad to share unique design ideas, to gather the world's first-line fashion brands to carry out cross-border big show, and to provide designers with a talent display platform. In the same period, a series of high-end brand events such as national events, international events, 20th anniversary celebrations, media events, corporate launches, cross-border fashion shows, and innovative design forums will be held. Chengdu Furniture Fair will also use this as a starting point to promote the integration of “home + design”, “home + trend” and “home + cross-border”, and transform Chengdu Furniture Exhibition into a trading function, integration function, information function and lead. The integrated and international home platform, which combines functions and creative design functions, has been transformed into a “fashionable event in the home design industry with leading edge, vane and iconic”.

>>>CCTV pays attention to Chengdu Furniture Exhibition for 9 consecutive years·Four levels of linkage and strong focus<<<<

During the 20th Chengdu Furniture Fair, the exhibition will be held through the joint media of the overseas, central, provincial and municipal media such as PR Newswire, CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Sichuan Daily and Chengdu Daily. Strong focus and global promotion. In the country's hundreds of furniture exhibitions, only four games of CCTV's attention, Chengdu Furniture Exhibition has been continuously watched and reported by CCTV for nine consecutive years; the scale of the original tens of millions of publicity has been upgraded, linking overseas, central and provincial More than 300 mainstream news agencies, newspapers, television, radio, industry media, networks, and new media resources at the municipal level will carry out four-level linkage and promotion; organize more than 100 media interviews, more than 100 media webcasts, more than 100 guest interviews, 100 More than 100 media outlets interviewed, more than 100 exhibitors to highlight highlights, more than 100 official micro-exhibitors recommended, and a number of media to enter the furniture factory interview, TV station satellite live broadcast; linkage exhibition has 14 in-depth cooperation national portal network And the new media platform, with a million-level exposure to the industry at home and abroad to widely spread the Chengdu furniture exhibition.

In June 2019, the 20th Chengdu International Furniture Industry Exhibition--Production Equipment and Hardware and Auxiliary Materials Museum invites you to participate and create brilliant future.

>>>> Reasonable planning, invite you to show the perfect corporate style <<<<

◇Furniture production equipment hall: furniture production machinery, wood processing machinery, wood-based panel production machinery, engraving machinery and CNC machining center, edge banding machine, cutting machine, coating/drying machine, mattress/sewing equipment, woodworking knives, Hardware tools, abrasives, test instruments, etc.

◇Customized hardware hall: door locks and accessories, stair accessories, cabinet accessories, door/window system hardware, safe, glass hardware, access control electronic systems and accessories, partitions, baskets, slide rails, movable rails, latch locks , hinges, handles and other furniture hardware and accessories.

◇Original and auxiliary materials museum: furniture lacquer and chemical raw materials, fabric, leather, sponge, plastic and PVC, veneer materials, packaging materials, decorative materials, wooden semi-finished products, other production accessories.

>>>>Professional audience coverage<<<<

◇Solid wood furniture manufacturer, panel furniture manufacturer, software furniture manufacturer

◇Wood manufacturers, man-made board manufacturers, wood products\wood semi-finished products manufacturers, wood processing companies

◇ floor manufacturer, cabinet manufacturer, furniture and furniture accessories manufacturer, other manufacturer of accessories

◇ woodworking machinery traders, tool traders, machinery parts traders, decoration and construction materials traders

◇Home industry chain retailers, agents, distributors, interior decoration companies, interior design companies

>>>>Charge Standard<<<<

◇ Indoor open space: Class A: 700 yuan (RMB) / m2; Class B: 650 yuan (RMB) / m2; Category C: 550 yuan (RMB) / m2;

◇Outdoor open space: 650 yuan (RMB) / m2

◇Standard booth: 6500 yuan (RMB) / booth / exhibition period, 3m × 3m international standard booth.

Booth configuration: Standard booth includes three-sided board, company name fascia board, one negotiation table, two chairs, two fluorescent lamps, one power socket (220V/5A) (special power should be declared in advance, and charged separately). The empty space does not include display racks and any facilities.

>>>>Exhibition Details<<<<

Serious Please fill in the “Exhibition Application Form” and post or seal it to the organizer, and provide the organizer with a copy of the business license (copy) and details of the exhibitor (with official seal). Upon examination, the qualifications for participation will be confirmed in writing.

◇ Exhibitors must remit the full amount to the designated account of the conference within seven days of signing the agreement. The organizing committee has the right to cancel or move the unpaid booth automatically.

◇ Exhibitors are strictly forbidden to transfer booths, and it is strictly forbidden to exhibit products involving intellectual property disputes.

The Organizing Committee will verify the products exhibited by the company during the exhibition period. If it does not match the details of the products provided, the exhibition will be disqualified and the booth fee will not be refunded.

◇For the specific exhibition process, please refer to the “Exhibitor Manual” issued one month before the meeting.

>>>>Please pay attention to your attention and look forward to your inquiry<<<<

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